Holiday Programme

The year-end holidays are around the corner with an interesting line-up of activities planned for your child! We have curated different themes for each week of the holidays. Suitable for this year’s K2 to P5 students.

Find out what the students did for the last Jun Holiday Programme by clicking here.

20 to 24 Nov 2023 Mon to Fri

Theme 1: Be a Mathematician
Learning Maths the fun way! There is more to Maths than just numbers. We will explore in depth through various activities such as geometric art and pyramid bubble wand.

27 Nov 2023 to 1 Dec 2023 Mon to Fri

Theme 2: Rocks
How do rocks form? We will explore the different types of rocks and investigate the different characteristics of a rock. We will also attempt to do pebble painting in a creative and fun way. 

4 to 8 Dec 2023 Mon to Fri

Theme 3: Secrets of Human Heart
Let’s unveil the secrets of the human heart. From understanding how the heart functions to making our very own heart map. 

11 to 15 Dec 2023 Mon to Fri

Theme 4: Clothing
Put your creative hats on and design your own tee-shirt. We will discover how clothes have evolved over the years and create an amazing outfit made from your own inspiration.

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