LSE-enrichment Cognitive Hub by Learning Studio Educare is the place to be today for both student care and educational services at Our Tampines Hub (OTH), part of the People’s Association. We provide children in our community with an exciting place to go after school and during the school holidays as well as a positive outlet for their energy.

E-Leadership through Innovation and Service

At LSE-enrichment, we focus on ‘’E-Leadership through Innovation and Service’’ as our new-to-market concept which combines leadership development of a child in the context of digital technologies and service to the community.

Values-driven Education

Values-driven education is our strategic approach to education that places a strong emphasis on instilling values in children in addition to teaching academic subjects or homework supervision. The idea is that by developing a set of values and guiding principles, children will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of life, make responsible decisions, and contribute positively to society in the digital age. 

Student Care & Educational Services

We provide a plethora of enrichment as well as student care services that are beneficial for kids’ learning in academics and beyond academics.

Student Care Bus Service

Parents can liaise with our centre to find out or arrange the student care bus service from their child’s school to our centre. It’s so convenient.

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Track Records

More than 20 years of combined experience with our well-established partners, Learning Studio Educare Pte Ltd and Zenitant Holdings Pte Ltd.

Provide educational and care services to more than 80 Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Preschools every year.

Engaged by MOE, MSF, IMDA, CDAC, Mendaki and Microsoft.

Designer Space and Digital Environment for Students

Testimonials from our Parents

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